More than 25 years of experience Nemotec, a leading Spanish technology company for the dental industry, was created in 1992 to provide dentists, clinics, laboratories and technology companies with flexible and open solutions to diagnose, plan, print professional dental products and communicate visually and effectively treatment plans to patients in dental specialties such as Orthodontics, Orthognathic, Implantology and Smile Design.

Currently, Nemotec has more than 50 employees from different specialized branches, sales in more than 60 countries and has a network of 14 distributors spread in strategic areas worldwide. The company presents its new version of the unique digital multidisciplinary platform for dentistry in the world known as NemoStudio. The technology of Nemotec is endorsed by prestigious professionals of the different disciplines.

From 3D Planning to the patient’s mouth (clinically proven) Nemotec offers unique and cutting-edge solutions, integrated into the only open and flexible digital multidisciplinary platform in the world of dentistry, known as NemoStudio. A Suite that includes modules based on experience and excellence, recognized by opinion leaders at an international level.

The solutions of Nemotec allow to diagnose, plan and design in 3D all the treatment plans covering the different specialties of Dentistry: Orthodontics, Implantology, Smile Design and Orthognathic. The modules of Nemotec allow the Odontologists to design and manufacture their own products to transfer the planning to the mouth of the patient with absolute precision and safety. In addition to digital planning, the NemoStudio Suite allows the manufacture of the final product by connecting with any 3D printer on the market.

Awesome Doctors for Medical and Health


Continuously reinventing our dental software is done to offer real time Solutions to dentists, by always being “One step ahead” for greater patient comfort. This vision has made Key dental Leaders want to be part of us and help Nemotec with our growth, always guaranteeing the Doctor to win by using Nemotec’s technology as its no doubt a guarantee of success. To make technology available to everyone by improving the quality of treatments in the dental sector and always seeking to improve patient experience. We are talking about a new Era, a new Culture and a change that has already begun.

Developing the latest Generation Software to make diagnosis, 3D Planning, print and Communicate with patients does not make us different. 


Nemotec is synonymous with last generation technology, quality, created by and for doctors of dental software. The Software will help doctors have a good practice by helping with diagnosis, digital planning and communication with the patient. Dentists can focus on their specialty and their patient and Nemotec takes care of the technology.


New – The new digital era, patient experience comes first

Experience – 25 years developing software to improve patient experience

Multidisciplinary – One solution for each field of dentistry with advanced features

On-Going Training – Education and training for dentistry with proven results

Talent – A global and Multicultural company

Excellence – Quality comes first, continuous improvement

Commitment – Solutions designed by and for Dentists

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