Dr. Robin W. Veis – SML CEO

Dr. Rob Veis, President and CEO of the SML – Global (space maintainers laboratory), is an experienced and skilled dentist, an internationally recognized expert on appliance therapy and an engaging public speaker. He is an ideal choice for speaking engagements, seminar leader or media interviews. Dr. Veis has served as president and CEO of SML global since 2001 and has helped the company emerge as an industry leader in both the development and production of many beneficial dental appliances and tools. He is also a source of continuing education and consultation services for many dentists. Dr. Veis’ speaking engagements and teachings have included everything from the application of appliance therapy techniques to issues related to dental economics and practice building. This range of expertise and the ability to speak eloquently on a variety of industry topics makes Dr. veis a great choice to address dental professionals. His extensive knowledge of dental science also makes him a valuable resource for reporters or editors seeking a well-educated perspective on the dental industry.