Philippe Veran

  • Biotech Dental, CEO
  • Leader in dental implantology with 30 years of experience and a presence in some 40 countries, the Biotech dental group has become a leading french player in the field of healthcare. Resolutely turned towards digital and high technologies, the company is now positioned as a leader in the dental market in Europe.
  • Father – Husband – Serial Entrepreneur – Investor – Thinker – Doer – Weightlifter – Soccer player – Deputy Mayor
  • Condor SAS, President
  • Condor is making cad/cam dentistry about more than replacing alginate. it’s about providing better care, from diagnosis to restoration. life-like color scans help you see your patient in ways no other technology can. the open .stl file lets you collaborate with any lab in the world. all with the smallest intra-oral scanner on the planet. dig deeper and get acquainted with the software- driven scanner that is making digital dentistry a reality. poly-shape, chairman specialized in the design and rapid manufacturing of functional parts and in the production of small series, poly-shape develops and exploits innovative additive manufacturing technologies on strategic materials.